Project 365: The first 11 days

11 days have passed since I started Project 365 with my own special goal: focusing on portaits. I failed miserably on day one, but since then things went quite smoothly. I learned a couple of technical lessons, like choosing a higer ISO to be able to have high shutter speeds (better noisy than blurry…), finding great window spots (north facing is best) or choosing the right distance between your subject and the background. I think a lot of these skills really develop over time, so my recipe is really to continue doing Project 365 to become better and better.

Here’s a couple of things I learned from approaching people:

  • Create your own Moo cards, choose a prebuilt design that just looks nice and have a couple of cards at hand wherever you are. First thing I do whenever I found some interesting face: give him/her the card. Then talk.
  • Wear serious clothing… really. Especially at the beginning, when you might not be too confident in approaching people, it makes a difference.
  • Choose people that interest you. Seriously… you might be tempted to just ask anyone, but it will likely fail. You’ll know best how to talk to people that interest you. And there might be a special link between you and them.
  • Have your camera around your neck when you approach people. Not in your bag. No one will buy the ‘photographer’ otherwise.
  • To look for people, go to public places. A farmer market is a great place, the people that go there are open-minded and often way more interesting that at a Safeway. Plus, it’s outside… on a cloudy day, you have perfect light.

These are just a couple of things, I am sure I can add more soon.


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