Project 365 – the first month

It’s one month into Project 365 and of course this is the time to reflect about the past 31 days and the remaining 11 months to go.

Overall I am really happy, I had a great start, knowing little to nothing about portrait photography and approaching people at the beginning. I now am able to shoot in Manual mode more or less confidently and approached several complete strangers and got their shot. That’s pretty good I’d say and it could definitely have been worse.

There’s still way more to explore, both in terms of approaching people and in terms of technically getting the shot. I just almost messed up the shooting today, but at least was able to safe myself into another programmed mode to get the shot. I also just ordered the first 31 images at to be able to show my work. I’ll probably carry some images right with me to convince some difficult subjects.

One thing though is the most interesting for me, something I did not plan: networking. My project offers me the most radical type of networking I have ever done so far. At work, I now begin to meet one new person every day, I chat, I develop some understanding in a couple of minutes and then get the shots. Also over the weekends, I met some people which I’ll most likely see again during the remaining time left in the US (we leave July for Germany).

I thought about having a theme of the month but I dropped the idea. I like to be taken wherever the journey goes and so far it has been a great experience. So I’ll just take chances as they come and we’ll see what happends in February!


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