Am I really doing a Project 365…? Oh, yes!

I am still shooting, 110 days straight now. Unbelievable, at least for me, but still shooting. For most of the days, it is a lot of fun, but there are also days which are crazy. If you know your shooting for the day is off 5 mins before, you start getting a bit angry, I tell you :-)  So far I was able to quickly find someone else and I just hope this luck will go on.

The most amazing thing is the networking. I know I mentioned this before, but it is just really amazing and it totally surprised me. I have the pleasure to meet one new person a day, that is a pretty damn good addition to my social network I would say.

Oh, and the Nullzeitgenerator-Blog wrote about my project, I am a VIP :-) I hope I can take a portrait of Helene back in Germany, too!


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