I am publishing about Java since 2000, mostly in the German ‘Java Magazin’ (German) but also in Java Developer’s Journal (English) or the Java Spektrum (German). More or less complete list of articles is available as part of my CV, which is available to interested companies upon request (to contact me, check me out on Xing, LinedIn, etc.).

Most recent articles include a 7-part series about Grails, an excellent groovy-bases rapid web application framework. Articles included everything from ‘Getting Started’ to using AJAX with this framework. The most recent article was printed in March 2008 (Grails & AJAX, Java Magazin).

I am also the author of three books so far. This includes a book about the Struts Web Application Framework that I wrote while I still was a student at the University of Applied Sciences, Furtwangen. The following two books were also about web frameworks: JavaServer Faces and the most recent (but small) one about Grails.

Honestly, ‘writing’ things is kind of boring. I started podcasting about Grails in 2006 and hope to soon continue with these podcasts. Whenever I publish, the learning effect is the most important thing. This means I am often just very much interesting in something… once you need to publish you need to find out and learn automatically. That’s why I publish.

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